Creating & revealing beauty in unexpected places, constantly searching for opportunities to reveal hidden gems in building and custom design.

Whimsical to modern to a hopped-up mix of everything in between. New construction, renovation, and – our favorite – challenging, unconventional projects.

Everything built with an eye towards the environment,
as well as functionality, usability, fun and vibe.

Delivering your dream, through our lens is what lights Lobo Builders’ fires.


Take custom to another realm..

Lobo Builders specializes in environments that are customized, positive experiences for everyone involved – whether outside space or an inside nook, a fully custom reconstruction and remodeling or brand new construction.

The way we approach every project is the same – with an open book and an open mind.

We look for unexpected materials and use unconventional methods to create spaces that are not only unique, but uniquely suited to their purpose and people.

The ultimate goal is to build spaces that tell stories, turn heads & create memories.


Over the past 29 years, Lobo Builders has developed a veritable cornucopia of creative, unique and downright amazing spaces. We truly thrive on challenging projects – from acquisition to renovation and rehab – we love making the unexpected unexpectedly gorgeous and ultimately livable.

Our leadership and team collaborates with you in every aspect of the process – from design to buying to selling to developing to remodeling. Thomas Wolfe, our fearless leader, provides creative leadership and years of practical, on-the-job experience. Every project is a new adventure, and we incorporate not only traditional builder’s skills, but an artist’s touch, an architect’s precision and a ALWAYS a little bit of razzle-dazzle. Each and every time – we look for the unique solution, and we work together to bring the project to a beautiful and lasting finish.

Our team is tight. Our associates are tighter. We run like a well-oiled family machine.

We love our folks, and together – we love our jobs.

We bring creativity into everything we do – and we strive to shape that creativity to the lives of the folks who will inhabit these spaces, as well as listening to the space itself.

It’s not just our ideas or execution that makes Lobo Builders special, it’s our approach.

Look, listen, feel, create, build, enjoy.

It’s what we do.