Lobo Builders Is... Small, Local, Homegrown. Progressive, Flexible & Cool. Environmentally Conscious.

We value home, and we thrive on creating beautiful environments – from new construction to spaces you never thought you’d love.

Lobo Builders has renovated hundreds of homes, offices and spaces in the past thirty years.

We love projects that need a lot of work and some serious attention – and a bunch of fresh ideas. We work to bring out original character, while breathing new life and new function into some (previously) funky spaces.

Modern flair while honoring history, beautiful and clean
with just a little down-home funk.

That’s Lobo Builders.

Any home, house, office or space is a possibility – from stately Victorian to craftsman bungalow, mid century modern, atomic rancher – anything you have, we have a vision. “Problem properties” aren’t a problem – they’re just an opportunity to go nuts and do something a little unexpected.

Meet the People Behind Lobo Builders

The Lobo Builders Team

The Lobo Builders Team

Ric & Jeff

Ric grew up in Chicago, IL. He moved to Asheville in 2002 after college and has been remodeling houses in the Asheville area since then. He’s been working with Thomas since 2012. Ric is supported by his loving wife and two young boys.

Jeff grew up in New Jersey and is a big advocate for travel. Having lived in Manhattan, NYC., Denver, CO., St. Pete, FL., and finally landing in Asheville, he spends his free time enjoying the outdoors, fly fishing, camping, and hiking with his girlfriend Julia (and their furry friend Odin).

Stephen & Brian

Brian is originally from Oklahoma. An outdoor enthusiast who majored in business administration/fisheries and wildlife, Brian is an avid bird watcher and when he is not working, you can find him in the woods.

Karl & Martin

Karl & Martin

Karl is a Family man of 5 awesome kids, and husband to his loving and supporting wife (who puts up with all his crazy ideas). Born and raised in Western, PA., he moved to the mountains 15 years ago. He is known for his work hard, play hard tactics, and as he says, “born with a hammer in my hand!” His motto is: no problems, just solutions.

Martin is originally from Monterrey, Mexico. Enjoys running, reading, and outdoor adventures. Currently he resides in Weaverville with his Fiancé. He is currently on attempt number #10 to run a marathon (COVID-19 had other plans). Enjoys taking time to expand his craft skills with Lobo!

Casey & Lauren

Casey & Lauren

Casey is a native to Asheville! She enjoys spending time with her family and her beautiful cat Serafina. During her downtime, you can find her hanging out on her porch, sipping on a glass of wine, or practicing yoga.

Lauren was born in Boston, MA., and raised in Charlotte, NC. She is a recent graduate of UNC Charlotte where she majored in Applied Anthropology, and Psychology. A new addition to Asheville, in her free time she enjoys exploring the outdoors, playing volleyball, traveling any and everywhere, and drinking craft beer with great company.

Tristan & Jackson

Tristan & Jackson

Tristan is a laid-back family man with a passion for design, construction, and customer service. When he’s not producing exceptional craftsmanship; he enjoys adventures in the wilderness on mountain bikes, spending time with his kids, cooking on an open flame, and helping others prosper and succeed.

Jackson is from Marietta, GA., and is a graduate of Appalachian State University. He currently lives in Asheville with his girlfriend and dog. He is new to carpentry but is excited to learn and be a part of Lobo Builders. In his free time, he loves to climb and mountain bike- although he is still scared of heights and is afraid to hit big jumps on his bike.

Our Fearless Leader…

Thomas Wolfe

Family man. First and foremost, Thomas Wolfe is Annie’s devoted husband of 21 years. Together, they have four amazing, adventurous, crazy kids – and a pretty great golden retriever. When he’s not busy designing and building, he loves hanging out with the aforementioned 5 souls, watching movies, making dinner or combing the beach. Also a fan of training, Thomas plans to be a triathlete (again) because he doesn’t have enough going on. When it’s time to kick back, Thomas likes to kick back a cold Pisgah Pale Ale while contemplating his next adventure.

Our Friends and Partners

Our partner philosophy is simple.

We like to work with cool folks who have good juju.

Our partners have the highest quality of workmanship & pay great attention to the project’s details. Collectively, we make sure the end product is a true representation of the original vision. We get there on each project by working together.

All of these folks are all wonderful to work with and we highly recommend them.

Contact any of our partners and know they can do a great job for you too!